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Our new SUP: Bluefin 10’8” Carbon

With our two SUPs Bluefin Cruise 12″ and Bluefin Carbon 10’8” we’re not only having a Dinghi, but also a sports-equipement, an expedition-vessel, a SUP and a kayak all in one. With our bluefin vouchers you can get 30 £ € $ discount on all SUPs (Code: AHOI30off) and even 100 £ € $ discount on the CARBON SUPs (Code: AHOICARBON) If you are planning to buy two SUPs make sure you use our voucher code AHOI2 for 10% discount.

SUP or kayak – the bluefin brings a lot of fun with it!

Das Bluefin SUP ist die ideale Ergänzung zum Dinghi und ermöglicht uns, Ausflüge ohne Außenbordergeknatter zu unternehmen und The Bluefin SUP is the ideal addition to our dinghi and gives us the opportunity to be even more independent in our anchorage. And the best thing: It all fits into a single backpack. We love to explore lagoons and anchorages with our new Bluefin SUP.

For all you adventurers, wo also like to explore lakes, lagoons, rivers and seas by SUP or kayak, we have great bluefin voucher codes that gives you up to 10% discount on your purchase of bluefin products. Just type the bluefin voucher code at the checkout at

Bluefin voucher codes: AHOI30off, AHOICARBON, AHOI2

Bluefin voucher code for 30 £ € $ discount
Bluefin voucher code for 100 £ € $ discount on the CARBON

By entering the Bluefin voucher code AHOI30off you will get 30 £ € $ discount when buying a Bluefin SUP. With the voucher code AHOICARBON 100 £ € $ discount when buying a CARBON. When buying two SUPs you will get 10% discount by entering the code AHOI2. Have fun paddeling your new Bluefin – SUP!

Bluefin SUP günstig kaufen mit unserem Gutscheincode:

Das Cruise 12 von Bluefin - 10% nachlas mit dem Bluefin Gutscheincode AHOI10

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